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            MAIN PRODUCT LIST :
            : 3134 V. Mapa Street, Sta. Mesa,
            Manila,1016 Philippines
            : +63 2 7161355 | +63 2 7162655
            : +63 63 2 7161275
            : sales@www.zoeyderrick.com
            : www.www.zoeyderrick.com
            Contact Us:
            PIAP stands for Printing Industries Association of the Philippines. It is one of the biggest associations of graphic art
            practitioners totalling to 600 members.

            On May 29, 1963, a group of printers led by the late Alberto D. Benipayo conceived of organizing an association embracing all the loose
            printing groups in Manila. Formally organized in June 1963, it adopted the name Printing Industries of Manila with all the members
            well-established in then Greater Manila.

            Realizing the board spectrum of the printing industry, it came to the attention of the association that not only printers but also those
            engaged in the printing equipment, supplies, paper and other service shops should also be part of the organization.

            On May 16, 1966, the Association amended its articles of incorporation so as to change its appellation to
            Printing Industries Association
            of the Philippines Inc. (PIAP)
            Event Date: October 2 to 5, 2019

            Location: SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Philippines