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        GWM800-H AUTOMATIC FOIL STAMPING & DIECUTTING MACHINE is mainly used for the diecutting, creasing,
        foil stamping, cold and hot embossing of cigarette box, drug box, wine box and label in the packing and decorating
        industries. It’s incorporated with fully automatic feeding, diecutting, stamping, delivering foil, delivering sheet, up-
        press, down-press, leap step, counting, heating, pre-heating, obstacle indicating, checking and measuring. It has the
        features of easy operating, reliability, high speed, press and precision.

        ● Longitudinal and lateral foil stamping devices are equipped which make foil stamping process more reasonable.
        ● The longitudinal foil-delivering unit can be pulled out when you install the foil, convenient for operation.
        ● Foil-stringing device by hand is used which improves the efficiency of work.
        ● The registration of foil stamping steel plate adopts side-press registering structure, which improves the accuracy of
        repeat registration.
        ● Pneumatic plate-locking device is equipped which improves the level of automation.
        ● The main driving chain adopts big-pitch chains, which reduces the inertia of running, improves stability of
        precision; Force moment controller is used which improves the coefficient of safety.
        ● The front-and-back registration of gripper bars adjustable device, convenient to adjust the precision of front lay.
        ● The front lay adopts numerical control from former adjustment by hand, convenient and audio-visual.
        ● Cooling device for lubricating oil is added which reduces the wear of parts when they are heated, ensures the
        constant pressure of diecutting and foil stamping.
        ● Cooling device for electrical box is added which improves the life of electrical parts.