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            - About Us -

            Great Wall Machinery & Manufacturing (Philippines), Inc. – Manila, Philippines

            Accura Machinery Manufacturing (Taicang) Co., Ltd – Taicang City, China

            Our newest manufacturing facility is located in the world-clsss Suzhou- Taicang Economic Development Zone,
            west of Shanghai. This is Great Wall Machinery’s 3rd and largest branch/manufacturing facility with a total area of
            25,000 square meter – completed in 4th quarter of year 2009. Its expected/average annual machine production
            output is 100+ units of assorted converting equipment for China-wide strong market!

            The main factory for machine exports with CE Certifications is in Manila, The Philippines.

            Established in the Philippines,
            Great Wall Machinery started as machine parts fabricators in the late 1970’s.
            Eventually, GW started to producing equipment and materials such as conventional sheeting machines, custom-made
            unwind stands, waste paper bailing machines, disc ruling machines, punching/perforating machines, spiral winding
            machines and knife grinding machines for the notebook manufacturing, paper manufacturing, paper manufacturing,
            paper converting, printing, flexible/plastic and corrugated carton industries.

            Great Wall Machinery Group is averaging twelve (12) sheeter installations per month combining
            productions from the Philippines and China factories.

            Great Wall Machinery Group now employs more than three hundred (300) work forces in 2 major assembly plants.
            As of year 2012, more than 1100 sheeters has been installed in all seven (7) continents of the globe: The Philippines,
            Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, <alaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia,
            India, Sri Langka, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Malta, Kenya, Uganda, Turjey, Russia,
            Ukraine, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italy, Canada, United States of America, Mexico,
            Haiti, Guatemala, Ecuador, Panama, Dominican Republic, Brazil, etc.

            As manufacturer, Great Wall Machinery offers practical and competitive “factory-guaranteed” prices fit for ones
            budget-conscious end users.
            : 3134 V. Mapa Street, Sta. Mesa,
            Manila,1016 Philippines
            : +63 2 7161355 | +63 2 7162655
            : +63 63 2 7161275
            : sales@www.zoeyderrick.com
            : www.www.zoeyderrick.com
            Contact Us:
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